Introduction to Digital Humanities – Seminar 2015 at Heidelberg University
Old concept – but still actual for the forthcoming semester:
Digital Humanities is a discipline concerning the use of digital methods and computational science in the field of humanities. The following course consists of a theoretical understanding and practical implementation. In the theoretical part, the participants will get an overview of the core areas of Digital Humanities: What are Digital Humanities? In addition, the participants will get introduced to basic methodological research approaches and concepts. The practical part will be dedicated to the basics of text annotation by XML according to the TEI standards, and annotation of HTML-based hyper images. In collaboration with the Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA), the learned methods will be applied to use-cases created during the course, or use-cases brought to the course. Special IT skills are not required. However, students should be willing to familiarize themselves with complex digital issues and applications.