Summer/training school in computational archaeology “atRium” in Brno (Czech), September 2024

The training school will be dedicated to programmatically querying data aggregated and integrated in the ARIADNE Research Infrastructure (using a SPARQL endpoint). We will explain basics of linked-open data, ontologies etc. In the second part, we will focus on analysing the data that we will query, focusing especially on spatial analysis of point patterns. Although this will be adapted on the fly according to the nature of the data we will work with and what people will be interested in the most. Everything will be done in R. So we will encourage reproducibility and good practices in data management and code design as well. The overall goal is to enhance re-use of data integrated in the international ARIADNE project. And we show, how to join these data with other resources and integrating them within their research practices.

The dates are: *16-20 September 2024*, deadline for applications is * May 31st.*
The whole summer school is fully funded! The event is financed by the ATRIUM Project ( by a transnational access scheme grants. Further offer of travel grants at various institutions is here:

Webpage for the event with a detailed programme and all the details:

Petr Pajdla
Archaeological Information System of the Czech Republic
Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno


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