LiDAR group, Open presentation day.

You are cordially invited to attend an open presentation day regarding cultural heritage detection and landscape analysis.


Di. 20.1.2015, 14.30 h – 17.00 h

Raum: Hörsaal, Berliner Str. 48, Geog. Institut

Veranstaltung: „LIDAR Group Open Presentations“

The agenda includes several presentations, future collaboration, and time for comprehensive discussions (see below).


Open Presentations, topics (2.30 pm):

 – Template-matching Approach Combining Morphometric Variables for Automated Mapping of Charcoal Kiln Sites (A.Schneider, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg)(20-30 min)

– Two different approaches of automatic cultural heritage detection (H.Raun)(10-15 min)

– Landscape archaeology and LiDAR analysis among the river Main (A.Volkmann)(10-15 min)

– Using DEM visualization techniques for large area archaeological prospection (R.Hesse)(10-15 min)

– Object detection of hidden cultural heritage in the undergrowth based on airborne and terrestrial laser scanning – a case study at the Königstuhl hillside (M.Pfeiffer)(10-15 min)

– Overview of LRG activities (B.Höfle)(10-15 min)


Thereafter: closed meeting for LiDAR group and guest speaker: Dr. Anna Schneider & Dr. Ralf Hesse

 Topics for general discussion (approx. 4 pm):

– automatic detection : collaboration and improving possibilities

– Digital archaeological data infrastructure ; hosting ; (openATLAS)

– Work coordination

– Requesting additional data

– The open position at the SWM KIT

Feel free to bring further spontaneous topics for discussion.

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