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Doctoral Scholarship “Feature Extraction from High Resolution Spatial Data Sets” in the domain of forensic sciences related to archaeology, palaeography and geography

The Junior Research Group “Forensic Computational Geometry Laboratory” (FCGL) at the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) in cooperation with the
Heidelberg Graduate School for Mathematical and Computational Methods in the
Sciences (HGS MathComp) offers one doctoral scholarship to improve the
understanding of complex material, cultural and social topics by analyzing tangible
objects. This vision is aligned with institutional strategy of the Heidelberg University in the framework of the 2nd German Excellency Initiative.
As the FCGL bridges the Computational Science with the Forensic Sciences its main task
is the collaborative development of new methods to gather and examine information of the
past. This is performed on objects of different size from coins and ceramics to landscapes altered by ancient civilizations. The core tool of the FCGL is the GigaMesh software framework consisting of a modular extensible mesh processing pipeline to achieve the examination on high resolution measurement data provided by different types of 3D-scanners and exploration of contained information.

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